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Introduction to the New Updated Warm Up / Reset Flow 2020   


Mind, Body, & Movement Classes

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Classes with a SECRET PUNCH. The secret punch is that for all that we do our body and nervous system needs to be as "on" and as "capable" and as "adaptable" naturally as it can so it can more efficiently begin and interact with whatever task we ask it to do or even more importantly, when the unexpected physical demands pop up in our lives. Most people wait until they are involved and committed actively with a skill long term and then try to figure out how to get more efficient in doing it. That is a great strategy, but if we can be our most "on, capable, and adaptable" self going into anything at whatever skill level we are, we will already be primed and ahead of the game. This presents the potential of reducing injuries as well, but you are never bulletproof so always be careful and practice safety. Getting your body back to a better state of neutral, unwound, undone, and primed will begin to improve posture, balance, stability, mobility, agility, etc. and one of the side effects of this is that aches and pains can begin to calm down or drop away completely.

The Big Picture

Boost your quality of life with skilled body awareness and mindful movement strategies. These unique classes listed below have been constructed by a Massage Therapist specializing in pain and movement and martial arts instructor. Combining a mix of extraordinarily simple yet effective skills for people of all walks of life and all talents. The goal of the classes are to provide you with resourceful knowledge and restorative movement to help yourselves improve how you feel and perform in your daily lives. Studies show that improving your movement quality, posture, balance, breathing, function, and performance will help relieve your stress, tension, achy joints and soft tissues and will add years to your life and quality to your years.

You can combat many common problems with the skills introduced in these classes. Because of the teacher's unique training background, most of the concepts behind these skills are from outside of the box or slightly tweaking the most common strategies for better results. Learn with an open mind. Welcome the process. Explore and restore your body. These skills can be used for the rest of your life.

  • Learn things that most doctors, therapists, and other wellness pros won't tell you.
  • It's like a combination of some Fountain of Youth Wisdom and a First Aid Kit for improving your aches, pains, stiffness, and stress. 
  • Help your system to reset before and after activities.
  • Don't fear common kinks, tweaks, aches, stiffness that would often run you to the doctor for x-rays,MRIs, and medicine. (This isn't a replacement for seeing a doctor or counseling not to see a doctor)
  • Class is for mature teens all the way up to seniors, elite athletes to couch potatoes. If you can move at least fairly well or better and get on/off the floor you can participate in all classes. If you have limitations, please inquire to see if any of the classes could still help you.
  • Improving balance and mobility. Good for anyone, including seniors, to reduce fall risk.
  • I’ll show you some of the things that I do to help myself and for some of my clients.
  • You will be active and moving barefoot letting your body and brain indulge in the learning process while also improving balance, performance, and function.
  • No tools are needed for any of the classes. 


Purchase online now.   Buy Gift Certificates

Mind, Body, & Movement Classes to Choose From:

All Mind, Body, & Movement classes are simple, but are listed in order from easiest to most challenging (but nothing to break a sweat over for most people)

Letting Go - Back to Basics: (2018)            *ONLINE VIDEOS / Zoom Support
"Tapping into the Internal and Structural You"                   Only $80 

For Stress, Relaxation, & Better Body Mechanics. (Free optional Zoom Q&A session, up to 30 minutes)
Money Back Guarantee!! Lessons 1 and 2 of this class are used in a 30 Day Challenge to reduce symptoms of TENSION, ANXIETY, and STRESS.
*After you purchase this video you will get a private YouTube Link to the playlist via email within 24 hours.
(A must for everyone from couch potatoes to performance athletes) Simple, fast, & effective lessons for Stress/Tension/Achiness Relief, Breath work, and Posture (Movement & Static) 75 minutes. These practices are so simple you might not believe how effective they can be until you pay attention and feel the changes in real time and the benefits are accumulative to improve more and more with time. 


                                  Class Special
$150 for all 3 Warm Up - Reset Classes

Warm Up – Reset Flow 2020:         *Online Videos / Zoom Support 
Revised & Upgraged                             3 Separate Classes: $80 each   
Plus a BONUS "Check-In" class Included
"Waking up the Structure and the Nervous System through Movement"

For Body Aches, Improved Function, & Improved Performance.
Money Back Guarantee!! Class 1 of 3 is used in a 30 Day Challenge to reduce symptoms of PAIN and STIFFNESS.
*You can decide to take just the 1st class (simplest and most important) or the first 2 (1st and 2nd most important), or all 3 (for the complete flow). After you purchase any of these classes you will get instructions (within 24 hours) to take the class/es with your own private YouTube videos as well as an option to schedule 1 FREE 30 minute Zoom session per class to ask questions and make sure you are doing things correctly. Classes should be taken at a minimum of 1 week apart or longer so you can easily remember the material from the previous class without getting confused by learning too many things at one time. (You don't need to perfect the movements to take the next class. Just be able to easily remember them and the order while you practice all week or longer. You will continue on with the 1st class material when you add on the other classes. 

(A must for MOST people) Think of this not as much as a "class", but more like 1, 2, or 3 sessions with me helping you learn quick ways to make many aches and pains get much less or in some cases go away completely. These are sessions to continue optimizing your body over time while some things we do daily tend to feed into downgrading our system (sitting, staring at phones and screens, etc.). These are things that I suggest everyone who is capable to use on a regular basis. I took the 2018 Warm Up - Reset Flow and all of its updates and then fine tuned it even more. I took some things out, I put some things in. I wanted the Warm Up - Reset Flow 2020 to stay easy and thorough, but in a shorter time than the 2018 flow. I wanted to get straight to the point in the very beginning for the biggest, most common problems (Low back, Neck, & Shoulders). Those problems "often" stem into other arm/hand and leg/foot problems so you can get the most out of it even if you only learn the first part of the flow (the first of three classes). It took me roughly 10 or 11 minutes to do the original 2018 Flow and now I have it down to 5 or 6 minutes for the whole 2020 Flow. So it's shorter and still delivers.

Class 1 of 3: You'll actually do the Bonus Check-In Class PLUS the Class 1 Flow and you will get videos for all the movements. This class may take 60-75 minutes total, but once you know this part of the flow it will take you less than 3 minutes to complete on your own. You will practice this quick and effective Flow a minimum of 1x per day for a minimum of 1 week before taking Class 2. You will target low back, neck, and shoulders helping posture and discomfort while releasing, activating, and resetting parts of the body and the nervous system. You'll be gaining more mobility & stability as you go. Check in from time to time to observe the changes that are taking place.

Class 2 of 3: In this class you will begin with a 5 minute check-in (learned in the previous class) and then work on part 1 (videos to get prepped and familiar with many movements that have a lot of very specific little pieces to understand making it a bit challenging to get right at first). After the Prepping videos you will learn part 2 (videos that integrate the prepping movements in a special way making another short flow). While Class 2 takes 60-75 minutes total, once you know this second part of the flow, it can be done in just under 2 minutes. Combine that with the Class 1 Flow and you are taking less than 5 minutes to complete. You will practice Flow 1 and 2 back to back (or separate them out if you like) for a minimum of 1x per day for at least 1 week. You will target more movement integration of the whole body and nervous system from the foot to the head helping more with Balance, Coordination, & Resilience along with mobility and stability. Check in from time to time to observe the changes that are taking place.

Class 3 of 3: This class is a little more challenging because we throw in just a little bit of strength and cardio, but not much. You will start again with roughly a 5 minute check in learned in class 1. Then 30-35 minutes of videos with new movements to add on to what you have already learned in class 1 and 2. You will also get a video putting all 3 flows together into 1 full flow. While Class 3 takes 30-35 minutes total, once you know this third part of the flow, it can be done in just over 1 minute. Combine that with the Class 1 and 2 Flow and you are taking less than 6 minutes to complete. You will practice Flows 1, 2, and 3 back to back (or separate them out if you like) for a minimum of 1x per day for 1 week and then you should be familiar enough to continue daily for as long as you are able and want to get benefit. This class will target getting a small touch of strength, cardio, bounce, & a brain reset while still helping balance, coordination, and resilience along with mobility and stability. Check in from time to time to observe the changes that are taking place.

Now you have a Secret Punch to upgrade your life.
Once you are familiar with any/all of the movements from each class I encourage doing it most days at least 1x in the morning, even if you haven't mastered the details and then you can pick and choose some of the movements at different times of the day as needed. If you get off track, just jump back into the routine. Use this before and after workouts, activities, tournaments, etc. to help give you that secret punch of being more on, capable, and adaptable naturally moving forward with whatever you are doing. Observe over time how you may be feeling throughout the days and you might notice that you’re not feeling as slumped in your shoulders and neck or maybe less aches and pains than usual. You may feel that you are moving better or more stable in things that you do. 

Student Feedback:

Letting Go: from students: More relaxed, back feels better, pain in left shoulder has ceased, less pain in knees and back, less stiff, achiness gone and most places, felt better posture, more stable, better self-awareness, better body mechanics, less tension and tightness, upper body more relaxed, less pain in hips, help lower back, felt taller, breathing better, feeling good, less stiff.

class #1 Testimony: Great feedback today from one of my Mind, Body, & Movement class students:

Usually when sitting in a car for long trips her glute and leg both bother her a lot. This past weekend she went on a road trip to see her grandbaby and she utilized the information that she learned in class #1 and she said she had almost no bother at all in her glute and zero discomfort in her leg.

This is awesome!! She didn't need to use any tools. Just some good effective knowledge from class to play with in her body. And she still has 6 more classes of great knowledge bombs to learn more.

Check In With Your Body - Move Your Bones: Student said "Today's class alone was worth the price of all the classes!" Other students said: Feeling good overall, feel more relaxed and stretched, more balanced on feet, started out locked up before class but during class had more mobility and movement, feel more aligned, weight distribution more neutral, more loose, less stiff and more range of motion, feel good, neck loose, less sciatic pain. Student with fibromyalgia said "I wasn't going to come to class tonight because I was so achy, but I'm glad I did because now I feel so much better."

Warm Up - Reset: better all over, less stiff, more loose, back feeling good, more relaxed, more in alignment, fun, shoulders and neck looser, nice lengthening through hamstrings and inner thigh, right side of neck feels better, upper body feels much better, posture feels better overall, always feel better after I do the class, back feels less tension, knees feel better, ankles feel better and more mobile, standing taller and feel more balanced.

And one student with an injury and about to have surgery said this at the end of taking all the classes: 
"I really enjoyed this. I felt that there was a lot of awesome information given. I feel bad that I missed some of the class participation because of my injury and having to have surgery, but as soon as my doctor clears me I'm going to get back into it again. Thanks for the awesome classes." The things she learned in class are likely going to help her with her recovery.

More feedback to come...

Facebook post from 8/26/17

A word that is inspiring me currently is the word "practice". It's a simple word that fills a gap in the void that I couldn't put my finger on when thinking of the Mind, Body, & Movement classes that I've been making available this year. I'll come back to that in just a moment.

Most of the things we do we are basically working in a template. We learn how to work within that template and from there we, for the most part, go on autopilot and let ourselves get distant from what we are actually doing. Not paying as close attention to it. Whatever we are doing we are getting better at and if that is going on autopilot to fill the templates in our life, that is what we'll get better at. We also are consumers, on auto pilot. We buy a product, a service, an experience and then we move on to the next thing simply being content that we made the purchase and experienced it. How long do things serve us in a good way as consumers working in templates on autopilot?

Back to my Mind, Body, & Movement classes. I've taken hours upon hours of my own training, knowledge, practice, and experience and pulled out simple and effective things to help people to cultivate feeling better in their own life. Not a class that makes all the changes during class or even after a week of practicing. The lessons are kind of templates of their own that give your brain and body an experience that it can learn and grow from each time that you practice it and will carry over into your other life templates. The benefits are cumulative and need practice to feel, observe, notice, and cultivate the benefits.

If you never have good breathing practice, how can you notice when you're breathing is rapid or shallow or maybe holding your breath in your daily life? How will you change it? If you're always holding tension and don't recognize where or what to do, how can you change it in that very moment? If you never experience side flexing your spine to the right in an efficient manner, how will your brain and body ever recognize that it is a helpful option to incorporate when moving all other joints in your body through your daily life? If you never play on the floor anymore, how well will you be able to get off the floor if you fall? Or how well will your brain and body respond to prevent a fall if you never practice within a safe and effective template so you are better prepared before it happens?

The lessons I teach will only go so far if you only buy it, participate in class 1 time, then never do it again. If I give you a bottle of water and you take it home and put it on the shelf as something you received from me, you will never get the life-sustaining benefit of what is inside the bottle. These lessons can be played with, adjusted for your circumstances, experienced in your body cultivating many benefits over your whole life. They just happened to be taught in a very simplified fashion to make it easier to digest. To understand it better you must practice. Practice at home and even watch the classes over again to become more proficient. Learn, experience, and you will grow and develop.

I hope the word "practice" inspires you today even if you never take any of my classes. Or maybe you will feel inspired to take some of my classes and even use them over and over again to get better and better at being better. :-) 

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