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"I am so glad that I found someone so close by who can perform this incredible technique! This has been a game changer for me and my body, especially my left foot and back. The Rossiter System addresses structural pain and restriction of movement at its source – the connective tissue system. I have experienced noticeable looseness in my joints at every session, and so much more. Please consider this before surgery, I wish I had. Eric provides our community with a new “tool” that we should all remember is in our “toolbox” when suffering. Don’t wait like I did!"

3 months after 2 or 3 sessions. "I want to thank you…I’m walking normally and my knees are doing fine. I was so afraid to move and you got me past my fear as well as addressing the issues I was having!! Thank you, thank you…    Gratefully,  Kathy K."

"I was diagnosed with De Quervain’s tenosynovitis by an orthopedic doctor. I was treated with a shot in my wrist and with a brace which didn’t help. I was recommended surgery as my only other option. (This began the end of December 2017.) I saw the orthopedic doctor on January 22, 2018 and was scheduled for surgery the first week of April. Due to unforeseen family illness, I had to cancel my surgery. My primary doctor had used Fast Track before herself and recommended that I might try it. I began on June 8, 2018. After 2-3 visits I was much improved. After 4-5 visits I felt completely better. It has not reoccurred. I would highly recommend Fast Track as a non-surgical option. It seems a little strange at first but it really works and makes sense when explained to you." -Cindy H.

"Eric is fabulous. I've visited for many reasons including but not limited to sleeping wrong and having aches, tension from driving and sitting too much, sudden onset musculoskeletal pain, spinal issues and injuries. My only regret is not being able to visit more often due to work schedule. Don't miss your chance to feel better!!" -Katie J.

"I have waited a year to write this testimonial about the remarkable results I have received from Rossiter Therapy by Eric.  I simply could not believe that my chronic sciatica and severe piriformis (gluteal) pain had been transformed from debilitating pain to an occasional mere nuisance.  Yet, it has now been four months since my last treatment, and I have been generally pain free for more than 9 months. The few mild recurrent aches have responded quickly to an occasional Rossiter session and/or the movements that Eric taught me to do at home.  I still can’t believe it! As a nurse practitioner, I knew exactly what my source of pain was, which activities aggravate it, and the obvious ways to treat it and yet piriformis stretches,  physical therapy and even ESI and trigger point injections gave no relief.  Within a month of therapy by Eric, I was able to stand without sciatica, to sit without piriformis pain, and most amazing to me, to travel by car for more than an hour without developing severe pain. Along the way, he also relieved my chronic neck pain, knee pain, an acute forearm strain, and even pain and swelling that had persisted months after bunion surgery. I wonder if there is anything he can’t heal! I also benefit every day from what I learned in his Mind, Body and Movement Classes.  Eric has given me my life back and I am grateful every day for him and for the patient who told me about him and his remarkable therapy.  For those who have failed traditional therapy or simply want quick results (that in all probability will cost less than the deductible and/or copay for PT), I say try Rossiter Therapy!" -Kathy Barnhill, NP

"Hi Eric! I wanted to touch base with you to let you know my neck and 'the stress hump' have greatly improved! I continue to do my exercises and am specifically including neck, shoulder and back stretches. So everything is all good for me now. I wanted to thank you for all of your help in getting me back on track!  -Diane " Different Diane from below.

"Hi Eric, while I was at the chiropractor just now he was singing your Praises while he was working on me. He commented he noticed a big difference and how I felt and that you were a huge help to him and what he is doing. On my way out a gentleman stopped me and asked me for your contact information :-) hope you get a customer out of it." -Diane

"My first appt was yesterday. I've had chronic pain for over 10 years due to whiplash from an auto accident. My only regret is that I didn't go sooner. Before the thousands of dollars spent on Botox injections, PT, pills and countless Dr appointments. Not to mention the time and frustration associated with all of this. X-rays show that the curve in my neck isn't really curved much anymore. My mobility is limited. I wonder if it would be if I had known about him sooner.

Hopeless....that's the only word I can use to describe my medical condition. My body is out of alignment even to the naked eye and the pain is debilitating some days. I've experienced migraines, nausea, dizziness, and black spells. Botox helped with pain temporarily but didn't help the mobility. Nothing else I have tried was successful.

1 visit and I'm still in shock. I was almost speechless when I left Eric's office because I was skeptical going in and part of the way through treatment. Towards the end I was paying attention to my body and I seriously had almost no pain at all. I didn't know what to say or think. I was relishing the moment. I don't remember ever feeling that well. I was able to turn my head while backing up in my truck instead of just using my mirrors. Seems like a small task but it's huge for me. It's been years since I was able to do that. I even told him that if relief only lasted an hour then the visit was worth it to me. Now it's the next day and I still feel much looser, less pain and I'm noticing other pains I've had in my hips more only because my neck and shoulders feel so much better.

I almost feel like people won't believe the results and they'll think I'm crazy but for the people that have known me through the years they can actually see me move better and not be limited because of pain.

Eric is so completely warm and professional. I felt completely at ease with him throughout and if I didn't the results still would be worth the time to see him. I have much respect for him and really like him as a person as well. Couldn't ask for anything better. I now have hope. I feel like I've found a gem in Roanoke and I want everyone to know. My selfish side wouldn't want everyone to see him only because I'd hate to wait weeks or months to see him again myself. I'm amazed." -Denise

"I found Eric while I was doing a web search for my wife. She was not able to walk and was screaming from pain in her lower back and leg.

I’ve never been a huge believer in alternative healing of any kind, but when I witnessed what Eric, was able to do for my wife, I was sold!

I work at a computer a lot so I have very tight right shoulder that cause pain down my right arm. I also separated that shoulder a number of years ago and I think that is also part of the problem. Both of my knees hurt and I have had lower back problems for years.
My first visit to Eric, was a one hour session, the pain relief was immediate. I will admit we worked hard at getting there, it hurt just a bit, but it was totally OK. The next morning I felt a little bit sore, but within a few hours I was fine. Actually I was beyond fine. I did two more sessions with Eric and I was pain free for about eight months. I went back for a tune up and I have not been back for eight months at the time of this writing.

I’m planning on going in pretty soon just so I can make sure I continue to feel good. If you are suffering from any kind of pain you have to go see Eric. If he can’t help you he will tell you. He’s not the kind of guy that just keeps you coming back. Unfortunately Eric, is a resource that we have here in Roanoke that most people don’t know about. There is no need to go on suffering, go see Eric." -Blase D.

Eric, Hi, good evening to you.  I wanted to provide some positive feedback from my recent treatment.  In addition to the stretches, the exercise you taught me is incredibly beneficial.  As suggested, I do them every day.  Although I don't use yoga wedges at this time, I feel I'm keeping things in proper alignment.  My hamstrings, glutes are less tense, plus my flexibility is improved. Thank you, Eric! - Amy

I cannot even begin to thank Eric for his help in treating my 15 year old daughter's chronic knee pain. We had been through 2 years of physical therapy, several appointments with an orthopedic surgeon, an MRI but nothing was giving her any relief. We learned about Eric's newest treatment and decided we had nothing to lose. Honestly, we were skeptical at first and were expecting multiple appointments with little to no change. However, we met with Eric and had one session. When my daughter started therapy she was a 6 out of 10 on the pain scale. By the end of the first session she was a 0 to 1. We couldn't believe it! We went back 2 days later for another appointment even though her level was still 0-1. Eric felt that she had responded so well that he suggested we come on an "as needed" basis. We are currently one week out of her first appointment and she is still a 0-1!! She is a catcher and just starting her season but she has not complained once since visiting Eric. We cannot thank you enough! We highly recommend your services to all her teammates. -Karie

This is true therapy that is helping chronic pain that I have had almost twenty years. WOW. .I'm pretty shocked how quickly I started feeling better. I had a pain pump removed this past year. And my pain was intense. Now I'm slowly coming off other meds as a result of Eric's help. He's good about listening to me and understanding what is the best way of helping me get back to the land of the living. Excited about finding a great alternative way to reduce my pain. ..I love it! -Sherry

 "I was having severe Low back pain for over 10 years. My pain was not relieved by Chiropractic visits, pain injections, or medications. I had visited at least 4-5 different medical doctors with only minor relief. At the recommendation of a friend I visited Eric at FastTrack Pain & Mobility Solutions. After 3 sessions my pain was 95% eliminated (no pain meds at all). I now am back to and enjoying many activities that my back prohibited me from doing. If you have back, shoulder, arm, or leg pain get to Eric." -Mark M. Charleston, WV (drove alomost 2 hours for his sessions and it was worth it.)

"Thanks Eric, for all you've done for me with the Rossiter System. I feel like a different person without my neck and shoulder tension, back and knee pain and plantar fasciitis. I also haven't suffered a tension headache since starting the workouts." -Leah (manager at local Physical Therapy office)

"Dear Eric, 1) I have been to Physical Therapy 2) I went to a pain clinic for years 3) Been to Chiropractic 4) Had shots in my shoulder 5) Taken muscle relaxers. But nothing helped as much as the first Rossiter session. I have never felt so good again until the day after I had my 2nd Rossiter session and I have been feeling good ever since. I can't remember when I could turn my head and neck so far around. It's just amazing I can feel so good without pills, shots, heat, or ice". -Susan C. (Drives almost 1.5 hours to get her sessions.)

"I wanted to let you know that my hip (mobility) and knee (pain) are both improved since my 2 visits with you.  I am walking a lot better - to the point that people who know me well are noticing.  That is very exciting!
Thanks so much and I look forward to my next visit."  -Sherrie D. (Has tried lots of ways to get relief after her doctor suggested surgery)

If it wasn't for the Rossiter workouts I would probably still be walking with my cane". -Bob (A client who had knee surgery 10 years ago and 2 motorcycle accidents.)

I would suggest anyone who's range of motion has changes due to over use syndrom or injury try The Rossiter System. -Krista K. (Personal Trainer who hurt her shoulders due to home projects and car accidents.)

    "Hi Eric.   I didn’t have any aching in my neck and low back this morning, my range of motion is much better with my neck too.  Awwww…what a relief!  I don’t realize how rotten I feel until it’s not there.   Thank you!!!" - Kathy, Certified Massage Therapist

"Thanks to Eric - I ran a marathon!!!  I truly couldn't have done it without him and I know this because I tried in last year and injury took me out of the race just weeks before race day!  I decided in high school that it would be great to run a marathon but high school was several, several years ago and training was difficult.  This year when the pain returned I was very much afraid that I again would fail - I couldn't walk downstairs without pain and I couldn't even walk well after longer runs.  I was starting to believe I just couldn't do it but then I remembered my good friend and massage therapist, Eric, now offered the Rossiter system and I gave it a try.  In single sessions Eric was able to locate the pain and help me work through it - I could immediately do stairs again without pain!  Unfortunately, marathon training continued and I couldn't rest and heal fully as I needed but I also continued my sessions with Eric and the improvement continued to be remarkable!  Race day came and while I had nightmares of miles of painful running or being forced to drop out, I did in fact run the SunTrust Richmond Marathon (in just under 5 hours) and I could even walk afterward without any great pain to mar a wonderful once-in-a-lifetime experience!  
   Eric was the secret to my success and I would recommend him to anyone!  Whether you have a specific sport injury or just everyday pain, I think you'll be surprised and pleased at just what a difference he can make!  Take a chance like I did and Eric just may be able to help you achieve your own dreams!"   -Tonya Whitt  

It was pure misery to go through the pain, but I have been completely astounded in the ensuing days of how much it minimized my pain. Rossiter treatment is different from chiropractic which works on bone alignment and massage which works on muscles because it focuses on connective tissue. I had never heard of Rossiter before and it is not common to find a trained practitioner, but I am grateful and amazed at the difference it has made in my comfort level after just one treatment. –Jeannette @ Hearts Up Ranch, Wyoming (Traveled coast to coast on horseback with her husband to raise money for their mission and called me while trotting through Roanoke.)

"Eric adjusted his schedule to fit our tele-commuting situation, my husband is temporarily only here on the weekends.  With less than a weeks notice Eric came out to our house and helped us both eliminate the soreness we have built up from the stress of trying to sell our house and moving.  He was able to make us both feel much better and helped us to relax. Thanks Eric!"  -Mary Richards

Eric came to the Nurse Day sponsored by the hospital. What a wonderful job he did. I lined up for my massage and enjoyed every minute of it. I wish I had 2 coupons so I could have enjoyed another one!    -Francine Thomas RN 

“Eric is a very considerate massage therapist who takes your needs into consideration at all times.  He is able to get into all my aches and pains and make them better, not an easy task considering my situation.  He is not only a good therapist, but a kind and good person.  I would highly recommend him. “ 
-Anne Goldsmith

“If you've never treated yourself to a massage, NOW is the time.  Eric has the perfect touch, you'll wonder why you waited so long to try one!”    -Julie Blanchard

"I planned a "Luncheon & SPA Day" for my daughter, her bridesmaids and a few close friends the day prior to her wedding.  Eric came for the event and was a "hit".  Everyone enjoyed their manicures...but the massage was what everyone talked about for days after the party."    -Linda Moore

“With little time left to take care of ourselves, we find that many of the companies we serve are interested in providing some stress free activity for their employees.  In the past several years, Eric has performed massage therapy for hundreds of employees in the Roanoke Valley.  The feedback has been extremely positive and many of the companies request that Eric return repeatedly to perform massage therapy at their company.”    
-Edie Naughton, R. N.  Occupational Medicine

“I enjoy Eric coming by the office to do the 10/20 minute chair massages.  This is really convenient for me as I don't have to take time to travel to & from for his services. He has helped the tightness/ tenseness in my neck, shoulders & back.  The fees are reasonable.  Eric is very professional in his work & it is a pleasure to be one of his Clients.”  - Pat Hall, Claims Specialist "Eric did a GREAT job with a recognition event for my department of 80 plus employees.  He gave 10 minute massages in our office and the feedback was fantastic.  He was very professional and helped to relieve some of the stress my employees were feeling following a recent consolidation."  
-Terry Morrison, Department Manager

I get chiropractic Adjustments and my chiropractor referred me to call Twin Palms Massage Therapy to help my mobility. The chiropractor was already improving my back, and when I started getting massages at my home 1 to 2 times a week, it has furthered my progress immeasurably. Eric is a dedicated worker and I can recommend him without reservation.  -Eunice Hench, Retired

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