FastTrack Pain & Mobility Solutions
& Twin Palms Massage Therapy

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Advanced Bodywork &
Manual Therapy:
-  Fast pain relief
-  Increase mobility
- Improve performance

Pain Management:
-  No Drugs
-  No Injections
-  No Surgeries

Professional Massage for:
-  Individuals  
-  Job-sites  
-  Events  

Promoting wellness
in Roanoke for
over 20 years.


You don't have to decline physically and feel worse as you age!

I offer advanced bodywork and teach classes that can change how you feel in your daily life.

Together we can recondition the fascia, reset the muscles, improve joint movement, wake up the brain, engage the nervous system, improve your breathing, increase range of motion, establish more stability, re-educate poor movement patterns, improve posture, calm the mind, relax the body, expedite healing, help the body become more resilient, bring awareness to your body and ways to explore sorting things out.

You CAN feel better as you age. Some things sort out faster than others, but all effort and time put in is worth the journey.

I'm ready to do my part. Are you ready to do yours?
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Have a Blessed Day!!

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